Healthy communities through

training, education, and aid

We're empowering families, orphans, farmers, and communities to eradicate poverty, and live healthy, self-sufficient lives.

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Equipping Families To Live Better Lives

Thousands of people lack basic access to sustainable, affordable, and healthy food and water.

Who We Are

SEED Project - Asia was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in the Philippines. We believe that everyone deserves something to eat every day. We actively train small-scale farmers, community developers, fathers, mothers, and orphanages, providing simple yet effective technologies to improve their health, livelihood, and well being.

Our Work

We're working to provide solutions to this problem that empower individuals and communities to thrive. We work through three core initiatives:

  • Training - Teaching organic farming, lifestyle practices and water filtration methods to empower all to live healthier lives.
  • Education - Working with homeless and displaced children to provide safety and a path to an independent, healthy, and empowered future.
  • Aid - Providing critical resources in times of emergency to ensure lifesaving resources are provided for people in urgent need.

Our Impact

We train over 4,000 people every year across 10 Asian countries, providing the skills training that communities need to sustainably thrive.